Music Competition – In The Key of AEther

The Chalk Man Music Competition – In The Key of AEther will take place on Friday, 31 July 2020, 8:30 PM EDT, in the aether. The Artisans Colony of Revelwood will provide a judging panel. Following awards presentation, stay tuned for Revelwood audio tracks.  

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories as judged by The Artisans Colony of Revelwood — Originality, Stage Presence, Musical Quality, Performance, Overall. The Burly Ten Pint Men Household Award will be heavily based on period dress.

The number of contestants, awards and award categories are subject to change based on the number of entries.  We do not know what to expect with this unique situation.


  • Originality — Andrew McRobb
  • Stage Presence — Ulf Gangler
  • Musical Quality — Zoya Storyteller
  • Performance — Baroness Christianna & Baron Damon
  • Overall — Archibald & Shepard

How to Compete:

  • Record your performance and upload the video by July 24 at o’dark thirty. EXTENDED to July 29.
  • Period dress is expected, after all this is Pennsic-related.
  • Email Lord Hennessy for details on uploading your performance.
  • As always, please, no unaccompanied dumbecks.
  • Entries may be limited depending on the number of contestants.  
  • Contestants are requested to be available during the competition via Zoom.
Music Competition Promo