The Yak Award

The legend, it is said, dates back to Pennsic XXVI, when Hennessy had his first alcohol-induced “sickness with so much style and grace.” To honor this blessed event, the Yak Award was established. After an extensive search for an actual Yak medallion, one could not be found. So, it was decided a heavy Warsteiner beer-bottle opener would be used. When that was lost, a stuffed animal resembling a yak was awarded. That was lost and so was the next token. Now we just hand the awardee a roll of paper towels.

And now whenever Chalk Man gather, the opportunity to pass the Yak Award arises. To receive the award, one must actually hurl. The awardee must also be a member of the household or one of our close regulars (we know who you are). A transfer ceremony takes place at the next available event.

The Yak Award Honor Roll

Current Holder: Loreli

– Order of the Purple Liver –

DrunkardOffending AlcoholEvent
Loreli, VestgardmeadPennsic XLVIII
Mym, Lusty Wenchesred wineMidWinter 2019
William, Chalk ManRumPennsic XLV
Ike, Al-Karakalmini kegPennsic XLV
Lambear, Al-Karakalmini kegPennsic XLV
Bartok, Al-Karakalmini kegPennsic XLV
AngusGlen Fiddich 15Pennsic XLIV
Lambert, Al-KarakalAlchemist Magic PotionsPennsic XLIV
Comic Book Toddpenalty shotsPennsic XLIII
Captain DavebeerPennsic XLIII
Jedcraft beer samplesErie Craft Brew Fest
TrippHelltown RaptureMidWinter 2014
MarkHelltown Brewery smellMidWinter 2014
JoshBudweiserMidWinter 2014
KiKi (Ciara)Alchemist Magic PotionsAngus's Knighthood After Party
WilliamPatronePennsic XLII
MikaHelltown beerMid-Winter Festival 2013
CedricbeerMid-Winter Festival 2013
T'zikaaged whiskeyPennsic XLI
JedCanadian swillMid-Winter Festival 2012
Lord HennessyGin & river waterOperation Fierce Torpedo
JudybeerIndependence Day Party 2011
MarkbeerMid-Winter Festival 2011
Token DaveRed StripeMid-Winter Festival 2011(previous day)
Kelly“April’s Who Ha”Pennsic XXXIX
Stefan (Joe)beerWar Practice ’10
MorienPennsic XXXVIII
Stefan (Joe)beer & jaegermesiterWar Practice ’09
Belthazarbeer & whiskeyPennsic XXXVI
CedricbeerPennsic XXXV
Lachalangin & whiskey Pennsic XXXV
Lord HennessyGTO (gin & tonic)Pennsic XXXV
Mr. GigglesbeerWar Practice ’06
ConcordebeerPennsci XXXIV
KarinebeerPennsic XXXII
BenuwhiskeyPennsic XXXII
Megan, Rieur-Sanglier beerPennsic XXXII
Joe, Misty HighlandsOld MilwaukeePennsic XXXI
Joe, Chalk Manbeer, whiskeyPennsic XXXI
Orn, Vestgardvodka Pennsic XXX (reported 18 years later)
TarahPapst Blue Ribbon (PBR)Pennsic XXX
JacintheRumPennsic XXX
TarahForbidden Fruit (Maximum X)Pennsic XXX
HennessyHennessy’s Cognac Pennsic XXX – Land Grab Eve
ToddBlack Label & Jack DanielsPennsic XXIX – Black Talon’s Full-Contact Beer Pong
CearvallanPoughie JuicePennsic XXIX
Lord Robin of the Whip cheap whiskeyMid-Winter Festival 1999
ChavahBadger BrewPennsic XXVIII
Scott (Todd’s brother) cheap beerPennsic XXVIII (one day before Chavah)
RhyannonWar Practice ’99
James, our brewerwhiskeyWar Practice ’99
ToddNew Castle Brown AleJoe & Tonya’s wedding ’98
Sue everythingMullaney’s Harp & Fiddle
Geoff &
Lord Robin of the Whip
beer & Tuaca Defenders of Sherwood (simultaneous yakking)
Hennessyrum & whiskeyPennsic XXVI